Autophagy Compound Library

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A unique collection of 154 autophagy signaling pathway inhibitors

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100uL/well (10mM solution) RMB 38907.82
2x100uL/well (10mM solution) RMB 60587.39


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  • Differential effects of HDAC inhibitors on histone and tubulin acetylation. Immunofluorescence analysis of histone H3 (K9ac/K14ac) and tubulin acetylation in HeLa cells treated for 4 h with vehicle, SAHA (10 μM), tacedinaline (50 μM), PCI-24781 (20 μM. (a) Mapping of histone acetylation in K562 cells treated with HDAC inhibitors by LC-MS/MS. Cells were treated with TSA (10 μM), SAHA (5 μM), PCI-24781 (2 μM), tacedinaline (50 μM) for 6 h. Histones were extracted from cells and acetylated peptides were quantified after isobaric tagging.

    Nat Biotechnol 2011 29, 255-265. Vorinostat (SAHA, MK0683) purchased from Selleck

    Targeting PI3K, a common downstream effector of RTKs, with a selective inhibitor (GDC0941) sensitizes SOX10 knockdown cells to vemurafenib. shRNAs targeting SOX10 were introduced into A375 cells by lentiviral transduction. pLKO.1 empty vector served as a control vector (Ctrl). Cells were seeded in 6-well plates at the same density in the presence or absence of drug(s) at the indicated concentration. Cells were cultured for 2 weeks in the absence of vemurafenib or 4 weeks in the presence of vemurafenib before fixing and staining.

    Nature 2014 508(7494), 118-22. Barasertib (AZD1152-HQPA) purchased from Selleck

  • Activity of vorinostat in Jurkat and Peer T-ALL cell lines in an MTT cell viability assay. Cells were treated with increasing drug concentrations for 72 h. The data are plotted as the mean % of DMSO-treated control cells against the corresponding drug concentration. The error bars are the standard error. For each drug and cell line, 3-4 independent experiments were performed with 6 replicates at each drug concentration.

    Nature 2011 471, 235-9. Vorinostat (SAHA, MK0683) purchased from Selleck

    (G) Nocodazole-arrested HeLa cells were treated with VX-680 and MG132 and stained for CENP-E (Green), pT422 (Red) and DNA (Blue). (H) pT422 fluorescence intensity was normalized to the total CENP-E fluorescence. Plots show the mean of > 15 cells per condition from two independent experiments.

    Cell 2010 142, 444–455. VX-680 (Tozasertib, MK-0457) purchased from Selleck

  • Protein blots showing MYC expression in naive and persister cells after 3 d of treatment with 2 uM AKT inhibitor MK-2206 (AKTi) or 10 nM mTOR inhibitor rapamycin (Rapa).

    Nat Genet 2014 46(4), 364-70. Rapamycin (Sirolimus) purchased from Selleck

    Erlotinib IC50 in HCC827 cell lines measured 48h after treatment with vehicle (control) or with erlotinib. Erlotinib IC50 is shown in parentheses. Data are representative of 3 independent experiments. Effects of treatment for 48h with a vehicle or the indicated doses of MP-470 in parental or ER1 and ER2 cell lines in the absence and presence of erlotinib on the indicated biomarkers.

    Nat Genet 2012 44(8):852-60. Erlotinib HCl (OSI-744) purchased from Selleck

  • Cardiomyocytes transduced with or without Ad-Mst1 were treated with ABT-737 (0, 0.1, 1, 10 uM) for 12 hours. Representative immunoblots with antibodies to p62/SQSTM1, LC3 and GAPDH are shown.

    Nat Med 2013 19(11), 1478-88. ABT-737 purchased from Selleck

    Effects on PI3K signaling. Tumor cells were treated with DMSO, BEZ-235 (5uM, 1uM), BKM-120 (5uM, 1uM), RAD-001(5uM, 1uM) or cyclopamine (2.5uM, 1uM) for 3 hr. Cells were lysed and protein was analyzed for phosphorylation of AKT and S6 (pAKT and pS6) or for GAPDH by Western blotting.

    Cancer Cell 2012 21(2), 155-67. Everolimus (RAD001) purchased from Selleck

  • Cooperative Effects of AR and mTOR Inhibition In Vitro and In Vivo (A) In vitro response of Pten null;Ar+ murine (CaP8) and human (LNCaP) prostate cancer cells to AR knockdown (sh-AR) or pharmacological inhibition of AR (MDV3100, 10 nM) with and without rapamycin (R: 1 nM) treatment (Sc, control sh oligo). (B and D) In vivo response to treatments with castration, MDV3100, rapamycin, or their combinations as measured by cell proliferation (Ki67+cells) and (C and D) tumor burden in Pb-Cre+;-PtenL/L and Pb-Cre+;PtenL/L:ArL/Y mutants. Scale bars represent 2 mm (C), 200 mm (D), and 75 mm (D, inset). Error bars represent mean ±SD.

    Cancer Cell 2011 19(6), 792-804. Rapamycin (Sirolimus) purchased from Selleck

    Inhibition of Aurka kinase activity by MLN8237 impairs expression of pluripotency genes in CCE cells as measured by qRT-PCR. All values shown are mean ?SEM for n=3. The level of phosphorylated H3(S10) (p-H3(S10)), an Aurka phosphorylation target site, is decreased in MLN8237-treated samples.

    Cell Stem Cell 2012 11, 179-94. Alisertib (MLN8237) purchased from Selleck


• A unique collection of 154 small molecules with autophagy-inducing or autophagy-inhibiting activity.
• A useful tool for studying the roles of molecules in autophagy.
• Targets Proteasome, HIF, HDAC, Aurora Kinase, Sirtuin, E3 Ligase, Calcium Channel, mTOR, etc.
• Structurally diverse, medicinally active, and cell permeable.
• Rich documentation with structure, IC50, and customer reviews.
• NMR and HPLC validated to ensure high purity.


配制: A collection of 154 autophagy signaling pathway ihibitors supplied as pre-dissolved DMSO solutions
容器: 96 Well Format Sample Storage Tube With Screw Cap and Optional 2D Barcode
稳定性: 溶于DMSO
发货: 蓝冰物流
包装: 惰性气体

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