Rituximab (anti-CD20)

目录号:A2009 别名: IDEC-C2B8 中文名称:利妥昔单抗

For research use only.
Not for use in humans.

Rituximab (anti-CD20)是嵌合的anti-CD20单克隆抗体,与B细胞上的CD20抗原结合,结合亲和力为5 nM。MW: 143.86 KD。

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Immunology & Inflammation related抑制剂选择性比较


产品描述 Rituximab (anti-CD20)是嵌合的anti-CD20单克隆抗体,与B细胞上的CD20抗原结合,结合亲和力为5 nM。MW: 143.86 KD。
CD20 [1]

Rituximab的效力发挥主要是依赖于其补体依赖性毒性(CDC)、补体依赖的细胞毒性(CDCC),抗体依赖性细胞毒性(ADCC)和凋亡诱导作用[3]。Rituximab在体外可诱导恶性B细胞的死亡。作用效力的强弱随着不同的靶向细胞而不同。在体外,Rituximab诱导的细胞变化有:p38 MAPK、NF-κB、ERK1/2、AKT抗凋亡的、生存信号途径的抑制。Rituximab对于介导不同B细胞系和恶性B细胞的补体依赖性毒性(CMC)高度有效[2]。Rituximab的CD20结合能力是浓度依赖性的[3]

体内研究 一些体内肿瘤模型证明,rituximab的抗肿瘤活性取决于补体(至少部分取决于)[2]。Rituximab可使B细胞耗尽并持续几个月,因此可作为治疗B细胞介导的自我免疫疾病的有效方案。在血液系统肿瘤治疗中,Rituximab被广泛运用,目前正处于几种自我免疫疾病治疗的药物开发中[5]


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  • Objective: Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity assays (ADCC)
    Cells: BJAB Burkitt’s lymphoma (BL) line, Karpas 422, DOHH-2 and WSU-NHL follicular lymphoma cell lines, natural killer (NK) cells (isolated from lymphoma patients' mononuclear cells)
    Concentrations: 2 μg/mL
    Incubation Time: 4 h
    Method: 2×106 lymphoma cells were loaded with 51Cr by incubation for 1 hour with 3.7 MBq (100 μCi) 51Cr. 104 lymphoma cells were incubated with or without 2 μg/mL rituximab and increasing amounts of NK cell population for 4 hours at 37°C in complete medium. The 100 μL of cell supernatant was then collected and counted in a γ-counter.
    Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10845926

    Objective: Complement-mediated cell lysis
    Cells: Lymphoma B cells
    Concentrations: 0, 0.02, 0.2, 2, 20 μg/mL
    Incubation Time: 2 h
    Method: Lymphoma B cells were purified from lymph node biopsies of patients with B-cell lymphoma. Rituximab was added to tumor cells (1×106 /mL) in complete medium supplemented by human serum, inactivated or not by incubation at 56°C for 30 minutes. After 2 hours at 37°C, cell lysis was determined by PI staining of cells and analysis by flow cytometry.
    Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12393572

    Rituximab can apply to immunodeficient mice (eg: SCID mice), lymphoma cell lines and other related assays (Only for Reference)

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  • Objective: To study the mechanisms of follicular lymphoma’s resistance to rituximab
    Animal Models: Female CB17 severe combined immunodeficient(SCID) mice were injected (s.c.) with rituximab-resistant lymphoma cells (derived from a human FL)
    Formulation: --
    Dosages: 10mg/kg, weekly
    Administration: i.p.
    Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19188155

    Objective: To investigate the therapeutic effect of rituximab in combination with L19-IL2 on B-cell malignancies
    Animal Models: CB17/lcr severe combined mmunodeficiency (SCID) mice were injected (s.c.) Ramos or DoHH-2 lymphoma cells
    Formulation: saline
    Dosages: 200 μg
    Administration: i.v.
    Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19005180

    Rituximab can apply to immunodeficient mice (eg: SCID mice), lymphoma cell lines and other related assays (Only for Reference)


CAS No. 174722-31-7
配制 PBS buffer, pH 7.2
同型 Human IgG1
来源 CHO cells
储存条件 Store the undiluted solution at 4°C in the dark to avoid freeze-thaw cycles



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    How to store the antibody?

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    Store the undiluted solution at 4 °C in the dark. Freezing antibodies can result in a loss of activity caused by the freezing/thawing process. Diluting antibodies to working concentrations and storing at 4°C for more than a day should be avoided. Additionally, make sure to keep the antibody sterile. Under these storage conditions, your antibodies should remain active for up to one year and oftentimes longer.

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