Ustekinumab (anti-IL-12/IL-23)

目录号:A2024 别名: Stelara, CNTO 1275 中文名称:尤特克单抗, 优特克单抗, 乌司奴单抗

For research use only.
Not for use in humans.

Ustekinumab (Stelara, CNTO 1275) 是可用于治疗牛皮癣的抗 IL-12/IL-23 的IgG1κ人单克隆抗体。

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产品描述 Ustekinumab (Stelara, CNTO 1275) 是可用于治疗牛皮癣的抗 IL-12/IL-23 的IgG1κ人单克隆抗体。

The addition of Ustekinumab (UST) significantly inhibits T follicular helper (TFH) cell differentiation in vitro.[1]


Ustekinumab is generated via recombinant human IL-12 immunization of human Ig (hu-Ig) transgenic mice. Ustekinumab binds to the p40 subunit common to IL-12 and IL-23 and prevents their interaction with the IL-12 receptor β1 subunit of the IL-12 and IL-23 receptor complexes.[2]


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  • Objective: TFH cell differentiation assay
    Cells: naïve CD4+ T cells, T follicular helper (TFH) cells, PBMCs
    Concentrations: 100 ng/mL
    Incubation Time: 24 h
    Method: The TFH cell differentiation assay is performed with freshly isolated PBMCs from healthy donors (n = 16). Naïve CD4+ T cells are isolated by using the human Naïve CD4+ T Cell Isolation Kit II. A total of 500,000 naïve CD4+ T cells are cultured in complete medium in the presence of 12.5 μL/mL anti-CD3/CD28 in a flat-bottom 48 well plate. After 24 hours of culture, cytokines are added and cells are incubated for additional 2.5 days. A total of 5 ng/mL IL-12 + 5 ng/mL TGFβ with and without 100 ng/mL UST and 100 ng/mL UST alone are used.

    Ustekinumab can apply to humanized mice, peripheral blood and other related assays (Only for Reference)


CAS No. 815610-63-0
配制 PBS, PH7.2
同型 Human IgG1
来源 Human
储存条件 Store the undiluted solution at 4°C in the dark to avoid freeze-thaw cycles



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