Bevacizumab (anti-VEGF)

目录号:A2006 别名: rhuMab VEGF, Avastin 中文名称:贝伐珠单抗,贝伐单抗

For research use only.
Not for use in humans.

Bevacizumab (anti-VEGF, Avastin) 是一种人源化的anti-VEGF单克隆抗体,是VEGF的抑制剂。可与所有人源VEGF-A亚型(和具有生物活性的蛋白水解片段)结合、中和。MW:149 KD。

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  • VEGFA expression in the indicated cells treated with or without bevacizumab or transfected with VEGFA or shVEGFA.

    Cancer Lett, 2018, 439:78-90. Bevacizumab (anti-VEGF) purchased from Selleck.




产品描述 Bevacizumab (anti-VEGF, Avastin) 是一种人源化的anti-VEGF单克隆抗体,是VEGF的抑制剂。可与所有人源VEGF-A亚型(和具有生物活性的蛋白水解片段)结合、中和。MW:149 KD。
VEGFR2 [4]
VEGF-A [4]
VEGF [1]



在人体中,bevacizumab的终末半衰期为17-21天。在裸鼠中,Bevacizumab抑制人源肿瘤细胞系的生长,在剂量为1-2 mg/kg(一周给药两次)时,达到最大抑制作用。半最大抑制作用所需剂量为0.1-0.5 mg/kg。在Macaca fascicularis (cynomolgus monkey)中对bevacizumab进行安全性评估研究,对其进行bevacizumab给药4-13周后,年轻成年的食蟹猴骨骺发育不良:肥大的软骨细胞剂量依赖式增多,生长区血管浸润受到抑制。长期bevacizumab的给药抑制了雌性系统的血管生长、卵巢和子宫的体重下降,黄体缺失。生长板和卵巢的改变为可逆性改变,停止治疗可逐渐恢复。除此以外,在药物浓度高达50 mg/kg,也没有其他与给药相关的副作用被观察到[1]。皮下注射后,rhuMAb VEGF(bevacizumab)在大鼠中的生物利用度为69%,而在小鼠和食蟹猴中为100%。Bevacizumab与灵长类VEGF结合,与兔子VEGF低亲和力结合,而不与大鼠、小鼠VEGF结合[2]


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  • Objective: Effects of bevacizumab on VEGF-induced HUVEC proliferation
    Cells: Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs)
    Concentrations: 0~500 ng/mL
    Incubation Time: 96 h
    Method: 50 ng/ml of rhVEGF was pre-incubated with a concentration range of bevacizumab (0-500 ng/ml) for 2 h before added to HUVACs. The plate was continuously incubated for 4 days. The proliferation of cells was determined by using Alamar Blue dye.

    Objective: Cell proliferation assay
    Cells: non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), colorectal cancer (CRC), breast cancer (BC) and renal cell carcinoma (RCC)
    Concentrations: 250 μg/ml
    Incubation Time: 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours
    Method: Between 2 × 103 and 5 × 103 cells/well (cell line/doubling time dependent) are seeded into 96 well plates and incubated overnight to adhere. Medium is then replaced by RPMI-1640 with reduced FBS and bevacizumab or VEGFA at the concentrations indicated (time point zero). After 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours in hypoxia, MTT (5 mg/ml in PBS) is added and incubated for 2 hours at 37°C. The supernatant is removed and reaction products are solubilized for 1 h in 10% HCl, 0.1% NP-40 in isopropanol. Absorbance is measured at 570 nm with a reference wavelength of 650 nm using an ELISA reader. Each experimental condition is analyzed in triplicate and results are an average of a minimum of three biological repetitions.

    Bevacizumab can apply to nude mice, various cancer cell lines and other related assays (Only for Reference)

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  • Objective: To determine the antitumor response of bevacizumab and cisplatin as single agents or in combination in xenograft models of ovarian cancer
    Animal Models: Nude mice were injected (i.p.) with 5×106 A2780 cells
    Formulation: PBS
    Dosages: 5mg/kg
    Administration: i.p.

    Objective: To determine the pharmacokinetics of bevacizumab
    Animal Models: Female nude mice
    Formulation: --
    Dosages: 9.3 mg/kg
    Administration: i.v. or s.c. injection

    Bevacizumab can apply to nude mice, various cancer cell lines and other related assays (Only for Reference)


CAS No. 216974-75-3
配制 PBS buffer, pH 7.2
同型 Human IgG1
来源 CHO cells
储存条件 Store the undiluted solution at 4°C in the dark to avoid freeze-thaw cycles



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    How to store the antibody?

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    Store the undiluted solution at 4 °C in the dark. Freezing antibodies can result in a loss of activity caused by the freezing/thawing process. Diluting antibodies to working concentrations and storing at 4°C for more than a day should be avoided. Additionally, make sure to keep the antibody sterile. Under these storage conditions, your antibodies should remain active for up to one year and oftentimes longer.

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